Need an Electrician or Plumber? Look for this first!

You know the pain of having the pipes broken, smelly or simply blocked OR the one with no electricity in the house because an old lamp has destroyed all the network when it decided to go down? Then you also know the pain of needing an electrician or a plumber and not knowing where to find the best one.

Even if you know where to find a craftsman, you’ll still be in doubts of who to hire, why hire that person above the others, what qualities are you looking for and what should you guide yourself after when choosing.

Do not worry! We know your pain too.

And because we want you to go back to your work after reading this article and never wondering in moments of crisis what should you do, we’ll guide you to the secrets of discovering the best craftsman for the job.

So you need an electrician. What to do?

Where to look

You can start by looking for anything “craftsmanship” related on your local yellow pages. Although yellow pages were very popular in 2009, today you would like to consult another channel as well, as many businesses are fleeing away from this medium and moving to the modern ones. Which takes me to the next channel: Google. Google “I need an electrician”. Don’t limit yourself to the first page only. You never know where the gold eggs are hidden. There’s a saying that “The best place to hide a dead body is on page 2 from Google” but we may add: so is for treasures.

Use the Google maps tool. Find a company that is convenient to your location and click on their company website. Always click on their company website, no matter where you find them, and while you’re there…

tips for when you need an electrician or plumber

Look for this

  • Is the website looking professional?
  • Does it look freshly updated?
  • Is their About Us page clear and are they showing which services they provide?
  • Do they mention prices or an estimate of hourly rate?
  • Do they have the company name clearly stated on the homepage?
  • Do they have any trust badges, reviews, testimonials, before & after pictures with the work they have done for other customers?
  • Are the testimonials feeling fake/made-up/written by themselves/self-praising instead of showing real value?

Then look for online reviews. Google the company name together with “reviews” or “testimonials”. Or go to any trusted review sites and look them up.

There are signs of good companies and bad companies, and in today’s society, where internet is available to (almost) everyone, it’s not worthy to risk your peace of mind, house and money, no matter how much or fast you need an electrician. Better make your research and then decide. Once you find someone you are satisfied with, make sure you establish a good relationship and keep the contact details for future cases.